What’s Happening at FCD?

17/10/2020The FCD website has had a major makeover and we have added new content. We will be announcing more news about how we our going to be selling our ghost boxes /portals in future -mainly through the FCD website (here!) and through Etsy too.
19/10/2020Don’t forget to use the discount coupon at checkout (HALLOWEEN20). You will get 10% off your cart total until October 30th 2020.
19/10/2020Yep, busy with the MK4+ Adjust builds today -fitting all the electronics and wiring. Twenty one build orders to complete before the end of November, so as you can imagine Helen and myself at FCD are working hard to make sure you all get your orders on time.
20/10/2020Been building FCD crystal booster antenna boxes to attach to the FCD Mk4+Adjust ghost boxes on order today, while I am waiting on telescopic antennas to finish them off. Every day is busy at FCD, but at this difficult time with the virus, this is not a bad thing. We understand that many small businesses are being greatly and devastatingly affected by lockdown rules with 1000’s laying off staff and even closing down. It certainly is not an easy time, so we ask everyone to send out your positive thoughts and prayers for those affected by all of this.
22/10/2020Today is FCD promotions day. We use different social platforms to advertise our ghost boxes and if time allows make short videos about the unique aspects of them. While working on two of the MK4+ Adj. orders last night, I saw a black shadow quickly pass to the side of me. We do have a black cat, but she was soundly asleep in the room when this happened. It was about this time last year though that we sadly lost a previous black cat called Thor in a car accident. I wonder if he has come by to check out the new cat? I hope so, he will have found a lovely playmate from the other side.
23/10/2020What do you do when you want to offer another affordable ghost box from FCD, but don’t want to increase the prices at this difficult time for many? You look at alternatives and we believe that we have come up with something that , although this will be set at at least £25 less than the popular MK4+Adj model, it still remains a practical, handy, sturdy, FM adjustable sweep ghost box! Great news coming soon with the demo video following shortly…….
We are also working on an FCD Tesla style EVP spirit radio too (the prototype has been built and we are currently testing it), so watch out for more news on that in the coming week……
24/10/2020Started working at 8.30am this morning and have just stopped now at 20.00pm. It’s been a long day here at FCD! We are trying to get as many pre-orders completed and out as possible in time for Halloween, so putting in that extra effort for everyone. This is not an easy task when you are only a two man operation and I do most of the all the builds myself, while Helen concentrates on the paperwork side of things, posting, etc. Well, ready to have a rest now before it all starts again in the morning, so off for a wee drink. Hope you all have a great weekend everyone………
31/10/2020It’s a wild and windy Halloween out there! Even the pet cat (who is black) won’t stay out in that wind for long! LOL….. Been ultra busy again with the box builds and it’s a case of catch up most of the time as we wait for parts to arrive. Everything seems to have slowed down, when at this time of the year we are normally getting ready for the Christmas rush but the virus situation and national lockdowns have changed all that for many of us. We are working on a short video to promo our new ghost box which will be available shortly, plus a new idea I am working on. We have moved away from sales on Ebay today and so from now on you will only be able to buy all FCD ghost boxes through our own website shop (here!) or Etsy. All orders are still fully guaranteed as before and payments are secured by paypal. Did you know you can use paypal with your own debit/credit bank card even if you don’t have a paypal account and you are still fully covered for returns and refunds.
05/11/2020Unfortunately we have found out today that our local post office master has been informed she has tested positive for the virus and as such the post office has had to close for 14 days isolation. We have arranged with Royal Mail to have all orders collected from FCD HQ, but we will be having them collected once a week in batches of four parcels (orders) until the post office re-opens. The first batch of four are being collected by Royal Mail today. So, there will be no real delays in the posting of your orders from FCD (maybe up to 4-5 days) for the next couple of weeks. I hope all customers can understand that this situation is out of our hands, but as always we will do everything we can to make sure you get you orders on time. Other than that, it’s all systems go here!
29/11/2020It’s here! The new FCD Astral Ghost Box….see it and the video demo today here on the website shop.
02/12/2020Well, keeping busy (as ever!) here at FCD with new orders now coming in for the Astral model ghost box and finishing off the last two of the ordered Mk4+ Adjusts (twin model) so that they get to customers before Christmas. Remember, we are always happy to include a gift message if you choose to buy an FCD ghost Box for anyone as a present, but hurry as time is getting close to last order dates for Christmas 2020.
06/12/2020It’s getting closer to Xmas time, so if you are thinking of giving an FCD ghost box to a loved one as a gift, then for overseas customers now is the time to be ordering. Remember there is the build time before posting out (currently 14 days on the Astral and next day on the hacked radio ghost box) and postal services in the UK take 1-3 days, with longer up to 30 days (with COVID delays) in some parts of the world. So sooner rather than later to make sure your ghost box arrives on time for the big day! We are working hard to make sure all current orders get out there to you in the fastest possible time.
10/12/2020Quite a few people have been asking if we will have any more of the MK4+ Adj for sale? The honest answer is we don’t really know at this time as it all depends on the arrival of cases for that model. These are getting increasingly difficult to locate in the UK and even overseas, but we do have a supply on its way and hopefully will be with us in the next few weeks. That may be too late for anyone wanting a MK4+ Adj for xmas though. That is why we took the MK4+ Adj tech and built it into the new Astral Ghost box which we are currently selling and is becoming popular with buyers from FCD.
Well here we go again, another year ahead of us all and most of us will be happy to be leaving 2020 well behind! The back end of the year, like for most small businesses was a bit of a struggle but we got through it thanks to loyal customers like you and the fantastic support we have on the internet’s social platforms. The most difficult thing we encountered was difficulty in obtaining parts for the ghost boxes from the sources we have been used to for the past four years. They had either dried up or were not available to be imported to the UK, or if they were, they were being sold at prices three to four times that which we had previously been paying for them! The cases for the MK4+ ghost box/portals are still four times the price and even more (silly prices!) -which do not make them viable to use at this time. We are hoping that things will return to normal soon and then prices should return to there previous values…but who knows in this crazy world?
But it’s not all doom and gloom and we , as ever, remain optimistic here at FCD. We have new ideas in the pipeline and will be continuing with our most recent ghost box build …the Astral, which is fast becoming popular with you guys. You might have seen that we have added a ‘books’ section to the FCD website? This is something we wanted to do for a while and have at last got round to doing it. It’s Helen’s part of the FCD business really, where she will be buying and selling all sorts of books about the paranormal, ghost hunting, UFOs, ESP, Dowsing, etc. Plus she’ll be adding a little later on tarot decks and Angel cards for sale. We’ll even be putting a few free download books on here too…so you can advance your knowledge of the unexplained.
Well, there’s more to come soon, so for now, go pop into the FCD shop either here or on ETSY and have a little browse…….. wishing you the very best for 2021, from Nigel & Helen.

06/01/2021It’s been some time since we last did a live ITC session using the FCD Ghost boxes, so we decided to run one on our facebook group FCD OUT THERE for members. It’s a bit of a controversial subject, but we would like spirit to give some answers surrounding why the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe had any kind of association with another nasty one from Yorkshire, UK, Jimmy Savile? We hope by conducting this session, with upmost respect for anyone who knew these people when they were alive, suffered due to the actions of these two, or even want to know more about what took place before passed away in recent years, that comfort and answers will be forthcoming. Get over to facebook now and join the group…..you don’t want to miss this!
12/01/2021Update: The FCD Live session planned for the 11th Jan will now take place at the same time on the 13th (Wednesday) Jan 2021.
12/01/2021The continued lockdowns are having a massive affect on online and local small businesses like FCD. We need your continued support in many ways, not just buying our ghost boxes but also if you can share our links in your groups and tell your ghost hunting friends about us too, that will always help us a great deal. Some of you have been absolutely brilliant, in particular Sean and Bex at Ghost Dimension, Dhotre Guruji of Cosmos Paranormal and Steve Mulligan of The Paradox Club, who have all used the FCD ghost box/portals in their amazing paranormal investigations and who have showcased FCD Ghost boxes in their live videos shows. Go check them all out on Facebook and watch their Youtube videos too. This is best way to actually see how FCD Ghost Boxes work, demonstrated by others who have a positive attitude towards paranormal investigations. A massive thank you to all you guys mentioned and many others too from Nigel & Helen at FCD.
15/01/2021Hey, we have got some great news! We have just enabled the FCD GIFT VOUCHERS page on the website. We feel that this is a great way for anyone who wants to save up in an affordable way for a FCD ghost box or any other item from the FCD website shop -so that by buying vouchers starting at only £5 each all the way up to £200, you can spread the cost out until you are ready to make a purchase. Or, you can also use the vouchers in the more traditional way – by buying one as a gift and have us send it by email to the person of your choice. They will be able to redeem it at any time during 2021. So, go take a look at the Gift Voucher page and share it with the social links on the page with your friends.
24/01/2021Update on the Gift Vouchers – the software to allow these vouchers to integrate with the website shop checkout is being updated, so this feature will be delayed for a week. As soon as it is available again I will put notice on here….teething problems. Other than that, we are keeping busy here at FCD. Helen helped design a new box model to add to the collection -the FCD Astra Scrying. It’s going to be one of those builds that we present for sale every now and again, so remains unique, but inside it uses that well established Astral and MK4+ Adjust electronics for the ghost box. The added main feature is that this is a ghost box with a scrying mirror, so both can be used at the same time! As we head into the 2021, we hope you are all keeping safe and well.