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Following the work that Nigel and his wife Helen Mortimer did at the Settle Sun Dial Portal in 2012, Nigel will be using the FCD ITC devices at other natural portals in the landscape in the UK in 2018 onward.
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When building ghost boxes we often think about amplification of the output signal, but are we missing something with regards to how we input our sessions with the boxes we use?
It is known that human speech originates within the mind as thought before it is amplified to the vocal chords almost immediately as far as our own senses are concerned. This is done at the automotive level and we are not really conscious that we do that. We just open our mouths and talk. Sometimes we will intersect the thought form with the conscious mind and ponder on what we are going to say, evaluate it, decide upon it, etc., – this can be likened to a delay in the amplification system of the human speaking or sound making process.

So, we know that there is a kind of amplification of our thoughts in the mind taking place here.
What if we could amplify those thought-forms further so that they carry a stronger signal (an energy wave of intent)? One that might be more conducive to human / spirit communication?
Well, there is one method which might acheive this and I have been working on an FCD unit that should enable the amplification of thoughts at the subconscious level. It is lossely based on the principles of the ‘Hieronymus Machine’. (“In 1949, electrical engineer Thomas Galen Hieronymus was awarded a U.S. Patent for his device which could be used for the “detection of emanations from materials and measurement of the volumes thereof.”)
In radionics, this became known as the ‘Wishing Machine’, but I have borrowed that principle to construct a kind of thought or intention amplifier using electronic components.
I am beginning to work and experiment with the ‘FCD Ghost Box Intention Device’ alongside and connected to the new FCD Ghost Box to see if this brings about any new developments /improvements in human to spirit energy communication?
In principle, the user can think or speak out a question while placing a finger on a copper plate on the device. The thought energy from this pre-amplified state then travels through electronic amplifying components (which are adjustable to suit the user and physical operating conditions), then output by an antenna which can be placed close to the ghost box or physically attached by a wire to the ghost box antenna.