If you go down to the woods…….

In the last few months, with the launch of the FCD Astral in particular, many of you have been asking if we will be making a wooden case ghost box again like the MK5? AS I write this in February 2021, the MK5 is not in stock to buy from the website and this is mainly due to the ever increasingly difficulties we are finding in obtaining wooden cases, parts, etc., at affordable prices -so that we can then let you buy at the most affordable prices too. Many ITC /ghost box builders are finding this problem in recent months and we know that we are not on our own. Let’s just hope that once things improve regards the COVID situation, we can all get back to buying these parts at the pre-lockdown levels. Unfortunately at this time, some parts are three to four times what they were!

Well, we thought, ‘what can we do?’ To clear are minds and get a little much needed exercise (LOL), we headed off for a short walk, close to a small woodland by our home. It was here the idea came to us (as it often does out of the blue) that we should use the parts we have in stock for the Astral and incorporate them into wooden cases that are slightly smaller than the cases we used for the MK5. This would allow us to present the same FCD Astral ghost box in a ‘landscape’ orientated wooden case. As soon as we arrived back home, Nigel got to start on the building of this new Astral variant.


While I was designing and building the ‘Astral Wood’ ghost box, I began to reflect on some of the times I have spent in other woodlands over the years where many of our most paranormal experiences have taken place! There certainly is something special about the woodland energies that you can pick up on, that odd atmosphere, or that feeling of being isolated under the canopy of tree tops and vegetation in the deepest parts of many woodlands. Without doubt, they are mysterious places in themselves.

In my early days of UFO investigations, many times I would find myself on the ground at sites where people would claim such encounters and many, many times these would be woodlands. I remember the UFO flap we had in Yorkshire, England in the early 1980s at Wyke Woods, Black Carr Woods and Judy Woods close to Bradford.

You would always find that what initially started off as a UFO investigation would take in other paranormal aspects like ghost sightings, headless horsemen, black dogs, fairies experiences, etc., which could not be ignored as they seemed to happen before the UFOs, yet in the very same locations.

We will be recounting some of those experiences and investigations at our new Youtube channel called ‘Nigel & Helen’s Paranormal Portal’ – and many other things to do with the unknown. In future we hope to include information about on-site investigations to local woodlands and conduct our own experiments with the FCD ghost boxes there again. We are planning all that now while we remain in lockdown, but as soon as it is safe to do so, we will be out there with the ghost boxes.

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