At the start of November 2020, we have decided to change the way we sell all FCD ghost boxes and accessories. We want to bring our customers back to the FCD website (here!) so that they can continue to join with us on the FCD journey of paranormal investigations into the future.
It has been a difficult year for all of us, but many of you have stood by FCD and supported us with buying our products and giving us fantastic support. Even so, the hard times that many small businesses are going through due to the coronavirus situation, has had some affect on ours too. We have had some worrying times when we thought that parts might not arrive on time, but thankfully we were able to keep stock levels sufficient enough to fulfil all orders.
But one thing has changed and that is the high increases that some suppliers have had to charge for these parts and in some cases not being able to supply, so we have had to search high and low to acquire them from places which take longer times to reach us.
Even so, we vowed not to increase our own prices. In fact, during this difficult time, we managed to actually offer two discount sales and reduced our own prices!
Of course for us to be able to do this, something has to change. So we have decided to try make savings of our own which will not affect the prices you pay for your orders from FCD, by moving our products away from the Ebay selling site -which increasingly demands higher and higher listing and selling fees from sellers like FCD. Some months we have found that we are paying back half of our profits to Ebay, which cannot be right or sustainable for any length of time into the future.

So, please order and buy your favourite FCD ghost boxes from this website shop, or maybe through Etsy (we have links on the website too for Etsy). All your orders and payments are fully covered by Paypal guarantee and you can even pay with your own debit/credit card, even if you don’t have a Paypal account.

Thank you, Nigel & Helen @FCD

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